Cairnhill Farm

Welcome To An Amazing Experience

CAIRNHILL FARM is situated at the head of Hallam Cove in the amazing and beautiful outer Marlborough Sounds on the South Island of New Zealand.

This is a fabulous place ...

to relax, swim, dive, snorkel, fish, kayak and get away from it all.
There are good walks, or laze about, or in the hammock and read a book. 
Or simply reflect, recharge and refocus on the things you deem important.

Just Paradise ...

We  have a number of various animals at any one time.
Always included are some character farm pets.

We never fail to be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us here.

Have a look at our photos of the animals, past and present.
The people and the awesome scenery.

We are members of and recommended by ...

NZ Wwoofer Association


and many that CONTACT US direct from this website.

Bookings are generally for 1 to 2 weeks but may be extended by special request. All booking enquiries must be confirmed with the volunteer directly via email with Cairnhill before it can become a verified and firm booking for your stay.

Volunteers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, nationalities, social or cultural structures, expertise and skills have helped enhance and further many of our progressive projects.

From school leavers to retirees have come from around the globe and enjoyed some special times at CAIRNHILL.

Cultural experience, social exchange, learning and a willingness to assist with our progressive projects are an integral part of CAIRNHILL. We like to get things done while having a lot of fun doing them.

Many leaving as part of the Cairnhill extended family of friends.


A Little About Our Location And Surrounds

We are walking distance to several nice little beaches in Hallam Cove.

Easy access to some nice walks or hiking trails. 

We are close to the famous and historical French Pass which is a spectacular and narrow, rocky, turbulant sea current between the Mainland and D 'Urville Island.

The farm is elevated and up to the saddle midway between Hallam Cove and Admiralty Bay with stunning panoramic views.

The life style is simple, natural and rejuvenating.

When it is your time to come you will be welcomed to CAIRNHILL  for an adventure and experience to remember.
Bookings are essential and must be confirmed directly with the volunteer(s) before a booking is assured and accepted.

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You can read a little more ABOUT THE STORY OF CAIRNHILL HERE


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A Bit About Us

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